Photo booth from paper flowers of different sizes looks very attractive.

The advantage of a photo booth with giant flowers is its wide profile. Flowers are suitable for almost any event: for a wedding, for an on-site photo shoot, for a birthday party (for children and adults), for corporate parties.

    It can be not only a flower wall but also a big screen, a grid or a banner on a metal frame. Flowers are attached to the vertical surface in the form of beautiful composition.

   You probably have seen a photo booth of paper flowers, located very close to each other. This is a solid floral carpet, which often consists of white multi-layered flowers. If such a photo booth is illuminated with colored spotlights (lilac, pink, blue, yellow), it turns out just fabulous. In this case, the flowers are made of easy construction, since the beauty of such a composition is in the number of flowers.

flowers photo booth

    There is another option. Decorator makes flowers makes of a very beautiful colored paper in a particular design. Complex shape, many details. These flowers are placed at a short distance from each other, so that you can consider each element separately.

    Placement of large flowers on the wall can be very different. Circle, heart, arrow, abstract shapes. Flowers can frame numbers, letters, or entire writing on the wall. If everything is done in the same style, it turns out extremely romantic.

    Large flowers most often decorate a wedding photo zone, a background for a candy bar, a children's holiday, christening, hen party, ladies' anniversary, wedding anniversary. Paper flowers are very popular for the decoration of pavilions during jewelry exhibitions and promotions with products for women. The color scheme can be very diverse so the flower arrangement can decorate any event, even a business event.
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