Wedding Photo Booth

If you expect to receive beautiful photos from your celebration, then the photo booth for the wedding is exactly what you need. In addition, the photo zone is great entertainment. Your guests will have something to do while you, say, go out for some fresh air or just sit down to eat. And in general, a wedding is a holiday for one couple, but for everyone, right? And everyone also wants to be photographed, not only the newlyweds but also the guests. They also want to capture themselves in all their glory and make unique shots with the bride and groom.

How to organize a photo booth at a wedding?
The wedding photo booth is not just a wall near which everyone will be photographed. This is a place specially selected and originally designed in accordance with the style of the wedding. A photo booth at a wedding can be organized both indoors and outdoors, you can make several zones for photos and even combine a photo zone booth a ceremony zone and this will also be very relevant and beautiful.

The size of the room should be taken into account in organizing a photo zone. It should not occupy all the space, but it is better if the size of the photo booth is at least 2x2 meters. It is also suggested to organize a photo zone somewhere far away from the passage so that the people taking pictures do not interfere with the rest. The photo booth, in general, should not block anything.

Photo booth for the wedding: props
To make the photos more “alive” and original, use the props. It can be mustache, glasses, sponges on a stick, hats, wigs, picture frames, blackboards on which guests will write wishes, masks with portraits of the bride and groom, even boxing gloves! These items "work" on almost any wedding and make the process of photographing very funny and emotional.

How else to choose the right props? Think about those elements that are associated with the style of your wedding, your family traditions, and values, your story of dating and love. Or turn on a sense of humor and fantasize! And 199 Photo Booth will realize all your ideas!

And do not forget to leave a monopod next to the photo booth so that guests in the absence of the photographer can take a selfie as a keepsake.