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     When you look at old-time photos, everyone looks sad or annoyed. The truth is - they are probably just bored. That's because when you got your picture taken back then you have to stay perfectly still, what seemed like forever. Also, the price of the photo booth still remained high. And a photograph was not something everyone could afford. 

      But, in 1925, Anatole Josepho, inventor of the photo booth, invented two things: a coin-operated machine that took pictures, and some special science paper that developed itself. No need for darkrooms or negatives anymore. The first photo booth was debuted in Time Square in 1925. People lined up and down the street to use it buying strips of photos for a quarter apiece. The result was a quick and easy way for people to snap a quick pic of themselves, their sweethearts or their family pet. And because of a privacy curtain and lack of a photographer people feel themselves relaxive. The resulting photos were looser, goofier and more natural than the stilted and stiff portraits of before. 

      Today old-school photo booths are not in common use, but their digital analogs are much easier to find and  they won't produce that distinctive chemical smell or the anxious anticipation of waiting for a strip to plop out. 

     Our digital photo booths have everything you need to make your wedding or your dog's 56th birthday party the most memorable day of your life! We design and build awesome photo booths which have been providing happy, fun, and professional quality results.  We have created a beautiful and vintage booth with a touch of modern simplicity. That means that they are fun to be in and that we make you look good. We look forward to making your event memorable and fun. Even Aunt Rose goes nuts for a classic photo booth strip!